Industrial Design and structural analysis of performance

The Codesign in MPT Plastic represent a process of cooperation with the customer. From design to series production, through prototyping and quality tests, MPT support the customer in the complex path that will lead to the achievement of the best performance of the final product.

From the design to the creation of the high precision mould

MPT Plastic offers wide-ranging codesign support: our team of designers and engineers work alongside the customer in the design of a new product supporting it from conceptual design to prototypes thanks to the Formula1Partner approach.
The “Research and Development” department of MPT Plastic deals with testing new polymers and raw materials of the latest generation, identifying new operating methods and transferring this knowledge to the production lines for an increasingly higher overall quality of processing.
Through the collection, analysis and synthesis of data with cutting-edge technological tools such as MoldFlow, FEM, CAM and DEA software, our designers can realize any physical model, even with complex geometries, for single or two-component molding and gas-assisted molding.
We perform rigorous structural analysis in order to determinate the distribution of internal forces and movements or stresses, deformations and displacements, the degree of strength of the structure of the finished product.
With accurate data and well-developed models, our feasibility analyses and 3D digital simulations deliver reliable and useful results to optimize the entire molding process even before production begins. This allows to minimize the cost of physical prototypes necessary for the design of plastic parts and speed up the time-to-market of more innovative products with high guarantees of reliability.

The phases of the MPT Codesign


Customers listening

Each order begins with a briefing between the customer and the dedicate MPT team, which involves both the experts of the technical office and the Project Manager, to effectively focus needs, objectives, critical issues to be solved and project timing.


3D design and development

During the Codesign phase, the technical department of MPT carries out multiple preliminary analysis to support the choice of the most suitable materials and the creation of the mould to optimize the industrial process: from the development of accurate technical construction schemes to virtual molding simulations.


Synergy between tooling workshop and molding department

Once optimized, the digital models are transferred to our internal mechanical workshop, equipped with the latest technology and equipment, for the construction and testing of molds with pre-series testing and prototyping.

codesign MPT plastica analisi moldflow FEM CAM Stefano Luisetti ufficio "progettazione e sviluppo"

"The real Codesign is to predict and eliminate defects in the design phase and to support all the subsequent phases of mold refinement, up to the printed product."

Ing. Stefano Luisetti
Technical Office Manager