Innovation and eviromental commitment to look to the future

In our plants we apply international standards of eviromental management in all our production activities, trying to prevent pollution, reduce the amount of waste and the consumption of energy and materials.

Keyword: integrated sustainability strategies

In recent years MPT has been committed to another type of quality, which goes beyond reliability and performance: quality as innovation for environmental sustainability and the circular economy.
The first step was the adoption of technologically advanced machines that reduce waste, both in terms of raw materials and energy consumption. The next step was aimed at the recovery of waste materials from the processes to enter them in a new internal production cycle, or when it is not possible, distributing them to companies specialized in the treatment of secondary raw materials. Taking advantage of the large covered area of our production sites we have also installed a photovoltaic system that partially covers our energy needs.
This commitment to sustainability was further achieved in 2023 with the ISO 14001 certification (Enviroment Management System Certification): a path to voluntary membership that aims to define a company policy even more responsible and aware evironmental protection, pollution prevention, as well as the reduction of energy and resource.
The environmental management system (EMS) that we are applying is based on the “Plan-Do-Check-Act” methodology and allows us to monitor the evironmental impact of our activities with a view to continuous improvement of the practices adopted.