We make high performance simple


Thanks to an integrated approach from tool construction to injection moulding, MPT operates as a single point of contact, ensuring synergy and efficiency between the design and the final result.

A unique partner for many tasks.

We face the challenges of an increasingly competitive and fast market with a concrete and efficient solution that can accelerate time-to-market and reduce costs and waste, supporting every project along the entire development path.
We work alongside the customer with punctuality and precision from codesign to industrialization, from tool development, to injection molding and assembly of the finished product.
Our Formula1Partner approach allows us to act as a single point of contact in all phases of development and implementation of components, building a long-lasting relationship of trust along the way.


Customer listening

Each project starts with a briefing between the customers and the dedicated team, involving both the sales department and the experts of the technical office, to effectively focus on needs, objectives and timing required.


Design and Analysis

The “Design and Development” office carries out multipe preliminary analysis to support the engineering of the plastic parts and the tooling, using specialized software – such as Mold Flow, CAM and FEM – for the development of technical diagrams and simulations.


Tool construction

Once optimized, the digital models are transferred to the “Production” department of our mechanical workshop equipped with latest generation technologies for the creation of high precision molds.


Injection molding

The injection molding department is equipped with a press fleet ranging from 65 to 2,300 tons, capable of producing items in any batch, weight and size. We also provide multi-fingerprint,  bi-component and gas-assisted molding.


Qualitative analysis

Our technicians carry out scrupulous quality control tests and random monitoring activities on both incoming (material) and outgoing (finished product) items to meet the customers’ high structural requirements.


Injection molding test

Through the productions of a pre-series of pieces, we put the customer in a position to evaluate and test concretely a sample of finished product to meet the quality criteria required for series production.


Assembly and additional processes

Within a department specifically dedicate to semi-finished products, our technicians carry out assembly, both manual and automated, various types of heat sealing and pad printing of the finished products according to the specifications required by the customers.

Logistics and storage

An advance system for the management of warehouse flows, order and supplies.

The finished product is stocked and kept always in a covered area and managed by our logistics department according to the FIFO (First-In-First-Out) system combining reliability, stock reduction and customer lead time increasing the quality of the service to our client.
We have equipped our plants with an advanced system for the management of warehouse, order and supply flows, which makes the entire logistics system fully functional, representing an added value of extraordinary importance in order to assure customers of increasingly reduced delivery time and proper and accurate information about supply management.