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We are committed to supporting the growth of our team through well-structured in-house training programs. In MPT Plastica we are convinced that this investment brings tangible and valuable results in improving the company's long-term skills and overall efficiency.

We are MPT: let's talk about us!

Optimized products, achieved goals and satisfied customers are just the top of the iceberg MPT Plastica. Know-how, expertise, fieldwork, technical and managerial competence, philosophy, values, history and vision represent the submerged part, sometimes invisible from the outside. It’s this essence that guarantees the company to emerge and stand out on a horizon crowded with global competitors.
Internal training is a fundamental pillar to improve our problem solving skills. It allows us to be at the forefront of future challenges and continue to deliver innovative solutions to our customers. But above all, it strengthens the trust and satisfaction of our employees, helping to create a positive working environment in which innovative ideas and creative solution can thrive.
For this reason, we offer continuing education opportunities to our technicians and designers in various professional fields:

  • Technical software update: maximising the efficiency and effectiveness of our operations, enabling our team to solve problems more quickly and effectively.
  • New materials and technologies: ensuring that our staff is aware of the latest trends and innovations, enabling them to face the challenges with a proactive mindset and cutting-edge solutions.
  • Safety, prevention and protection: the knowledge and procedures needed to be able to carry out their task safely and to prevent risk.

Read all the interviews to know directly from the protagonists the company life that you breathe in MPT Plastica.

Job Opportunities: join the MPT Plastic team

We are always looking for new people to join our team of expert and professionals to realize innovative and high quality projects.
MPT Plastica promotes a collaborative culture in which the individual talent of everyone joins to create extraordinary results. we believe that people are our greatest asset and invest in developing their skills, providing a stimulating, creativity and continuous learning.

Are you a designer, engineer, project manager or technician in the injection molding industry?

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