Stefano Luisetti

Stefano Luisetti

Technical Office Manager

Codesign before is better than redesigning later

Engineer Stefano Luisetti – Head of the MPT Technical Office – explains our motto.

“Codesign is really useful if it is done with a broad scope and a customer-centric approach. It is necessary to design well not only the tooling and the molding process but the product itself to make it printable and free of defects from the beginning. Investing time and resources in co-design upstream may seem like a superfluous cost, especially in sectors with low margins, but the difference is measured in the long term.”

Sometimes the logic of convenience prevails over efficiency with negative repercussions on the quality of the final products. Thus the presumed saving becomes an additional cost in the operational phase.

For example, an important customer in the automotive sector turned to MPT Plastica years ago to solve the problems of a defective mold. We didn’t just make it better. We went further: we carefully analyzed the design of the component and redesigned the mold and the injection system according to our expertise. Over its lifetime, the tooling optimized by MPT produced over 1.5 million pieces compliant with the quality standards requested by the customer. After 10 years of use it passed under the expert hands of our workshop for revamping, saving the customer the cost of a new mold.

“The same philosophy is also applied in corporate life: at MPT Plastica we resolve defects and critical issues in co-design through constructive dialogue, flexibility and understanding. This is why I have been working here since 1999.”

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