Production sites

Numbers matter when it comes to performance

The activity of MPT Plastica is divided into two different production sites for a total operating area of over 16,000 square meters. The plants are designed according to a "lean production" approach with an accurate batch layout to ensure large production capacity and compliance with safety protocols.

Mechanical workshop for tooling production

MPT has a mechanical workshop for the tooling production that works in a continuous cycle, creating optimized molds that comply with the quality standards require by the customer thanks to latest generation machineries.
In the production plant that occupies an area of over 3,500 square meters between design offices and workshop, there are 4 EDM (Electrical Discharge Machining) of different sizes, that allow us to perform s finishing process with a high level of detail and low surface roughness even on complex and “difficult-to-cut” geometries. The production site also has 6 five-axis machines and CNC finishing lathers, and 2 mold testing presses.
For several years we have implemented the WorkPlan system, an ERP program for the management of the entire production process of the workshop, that allow us to plan the workloads on the machinery and to be able to intervene in case of necessity to a redistribution of the flow in order to avoid delays and inefficiency.

Plant for plastic injection molding

The MPT injection molding department covers a total area of 7,500 square meters and has a fleet of machines consisting of 24 presses, ultrasonic and vibration welding machines of the latest generation and 2 pad printing machines.
With an operating range of 65 to 2,300 tons, we are able to produce a wide range of plastic items in terms of material, lot, size and weight (up to 16 kg). We also provide multi-cavity tools, bi-components and gas-assisted molding.
The MPT molding department has a centralized feeding and transport system for the plastic material that allows the control of the dehumidification process necessary to guarantee high quality standards on the finished products.

Warehouse and cargo handling

Logistics and storage are managed in a plant of 5,000 square meters of covered area, where the finished product is stored and shipped according to the system of FIFO (First-In-First-Out), which combines elements such as reliability, reduction of stocks and customer lead time in order to increase the quality and the service to the customer.
MPT Plastica is equipped with an advanced system for managing warehouse flows, orders and supplies, which makes the entire logistics system fully functional, representing an added value of extraordinary importance in order to be able to assure to the costumers more and more reduced times of delivery and punctual and precise information about the management of the supply.