Quality control

We focus the quality
even where it is not visible.

MPT Plastica is a certified company that operates in compliance with ISO 9001:2015 and the IATF 16949:2016 standard.

Let's move forward,
to always be one step ahead.

MPT Plastica always pursues the excellence in the quality control of each phase of the tooling and injection molding cycle ensuring the highest quality, precision and consistency in the production progress.
From design to prototype, from equipment to production, from raw material to assembly: every component is studied and analyzed by our technicians, in order to ensure that the final product meet or exceed strict quality standards and comply with customer specifications.

eccellenza nel controllo qualità per stampaggio materie plastiche

“The success of our customers is the result of a constant commitment to the highest standards.
This is the #MPTandvancingperformace philosophy.”

Ing. Ilaria Bibbiani
Quality Manager MPT Plastica

Concrete know-how in every phase
of quality control

MPT Plastica has a laboratory dedicated to Quality Control equipped with the latest generation of instruments and employs highly qualified personnel.
Our technicians carry out scrupulous quality control tests and random monitoring activities on both incoming (on materials) and outgoing (on the finished product) items to meet the clients’ high structural requirements.
The goal is to minimize the variation of production, improve process efficiency, reduce waste and provide products that fully meet customer expectations.

controllo qualità per stampaggio materie plastiche

Structural analysis

The choice of tests depends on the application and product specifications, and we often customize the test according to customer needs.

  1.  Visual inspection of products to identify surface defects, air bubbles, deformities or other visible flaw.
  2. Precise measurements of the product dimension against design specifications to ensure that they comply with required tolerances.
  3. Weight check of the product to ensure that it falls within the prescribed limits.
  4. Color control to guarantee the desired color match.
  5. Analysis of the plastic material used to ensure that it complies with the required specifications, including chemical composition and physical properties tests.
  6. Testing the strength and hardness of the plastic material to various factors such as tensile strength, compression, bending, impact and abrasion.
  7. Accelerated aging test, such as exposure to high temperatures or ultraviolet light, to assess the strength of the plastic material over time.
  8. Toughness test to measure the material’s ability to absorb energy before fracture ( shock resistance).
  9. Water or air tightness test to ensure there are no leaks or seepage.
  10. Surface control through roughness and surface finish tests to verify that the product surface meets the specified requirements.

Leak tests and marking

This positive and/or negative pressure leak test has been implemented and adapted ad hoc to verify the hermetic tightness of some technical components for the industrial sector. The leak and marking testing machine verifies the sealing of the weld: all the holes on the workpiece are closed except one, from which air is injected at pressure that must not escape from the chamber created by the 2 welded half-shells. This type of test is useful to check ultrasonic or vibration welded items and ensure 100% the delivery of perfectly welded parts and that we have no pressure drop.

Roughness meter

MPT pays great attention to precision machining and quality standards, for this reason the roughness meter is one of the most important tools of the quality control department as it allows to measure and evaluate the micro irregularities of a surface and is able to measure with accuracy that can reach one thousandth of a micron.
The roughness meter supplied with MPT Plastica analyzes surface roughness and ripple. It is possible to measure both flat and cylindrical and convex objects, to obtain measurements on more or less small components and to measure the individual parts of an object, to make particularly complex measurements, such as those holes and concavity. The data is thus obtain allow the accuracy of the grinding operations to be verified to one thousandth of a millimeter.


The spectrophotometer is widely used in the field of thermoplastic injection molding to efficiently evaluate the color and appearance of various mediums and large samples, including objects with flat, shaped or curved surfaces.
The quality department of MPT Plastic uses a high precision spectrophotometer that allows you to evaluate, reproduce and control the color of pigments and dyes in such a way as to meet the standards of color quality, maintaining consistency in each batch of material and  communicating color seamlessly within and throughout the supply chain.
Sphere geometry with simultaneous color measuring (automatic trap) with specular components included (D/8 laying) and excluded (D/8 laying). Powerful and long-lasting Xenon Flash illumination for maximum accuracy on saturated and dark colors.

Quality certification

In recent years MTP has also committed to another type of quality, which goes beyond reliability and performance: quality in terms of environmental sustainability and safety at work. In 2023 we obtain 2 new compliance – ISO 14001 Certification of the Environmental Management System) and UNI 45001 (certification of the Management System for health and safety at work) – which aim to define company policy that is even more responsible and aware of the environment and the people who work with us in order to prevent risks.

European projects



Arm Light EXoskeleton project aims at developing an innovative robotic device for the neurological rehabilitation of patients who suffered cerebrovascular damages to the upper limb.

The project was financed in the framework of POR CREO FESR Toscana 2014-2020



Arm Light EXoskeleton project aims at developing an innovative robotic device for the neurological rehabilitation of patients who suffered cerebrovascular damages to the upper limb.

The project was financed in the framework of POR CREO FESR Toscana 2014-2020


Project Preview

PREVIEW is a project that aims at supporting the injection moulding industry with a control system that will reduce the optimization times, the scraps, the energy consumption and will increase production with a better flexibilty thanks to the development of the following technologies:

– Data acquisition system

– Advanced predictive system

– Wireless capacity

The project was financed by the Horizon 2020 research and development program of the European Community with the Grant Agreement n.63689



The project was financed in the framework of POR CREO FESR Toscana 2014-2020

Project: internationalization of MPT PLASTIC SRL. Grant awarded amounting to 7,187.20 euros. The main purpose of the project is to give visibility and promote MPT PLASTIC on international markets.