Luca Della Maggiore

Luca Della Maggiore

Production Planner

Even before a statement, obtaining from customers excellent vendor ratings (even above 90%) is an objective that MPT Plastica puts first in the organizational management of production.

We talk about it with Luca Della Maggiore, Production Planner of MPT Plastica.

“I joined MPT in 2016 for an internship as Production Assistant alongside Simone Meini, Production Manager. Thanks to the support of the Company which has invested in continuous management innovation and dedicated training, I have managed to specialize in this key function which gives me great professional satisfaction and stimuli for growth and improvement. I feel part of the success of these 7 years in terms of increased turnover and growing vendor ratings.”

The starting point was the integration of a new MRP (Manufacturing Resource Planning) software which was customized with preventive production constraints and which allowed us to:

  • Increase hourly production
  • Anticipate supply critical issues
  • Avoid machine stops and delays
  • Avoid saturation of the systems
  • Start a preventative maintenance plan

“Over the years I have also accepted the challenge as Industry 4.0 Manager for the molding division, dealing with the interfacing with the production execution system (MES – Manufacturing Execution System) and its integration with the internal management systems to monitor, track, document and control the production process of goods, from raw materials to finished products in an increasingly efficient way.”

Maintaining EXCELLENT VENDOR RATINGS requires constant commitment and a constructive and collaborative environment in which each resource can feel both stimulated and supported on the path that leads to increasingly higher performance.

This means #MPTadvancingperformance


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