Luca Quaglierini

Luca Quaglierini

Assemblatore officina stampi

Luca Quaglierini, Tooling Construction Workshop Assembler. In MPT Plastica since 1992.

“I did my whole apprenticeship at MPT, first working during the school holidays on machine tools for the adjustment and assembly of raw parts, then honing my technical skills with electro-erosion and high-precision finishing. I have always liked the fact that this job is not repetitive, that each time there are unique characteristics to refine and you have to pay attention to everything from start to finish, collaborating with the molding department until the process is optimised.
Like the time we had to produce a large garbage can but the mold didn’t fill evenly because the male punch moved during the injection phase. Together with the injection molding manager we made manual adjustments of hundredths of a mm to calibrate the output of the plastic material until obtaining a uniform shape on all sides. In short, in MPT you don’t get bored! And if I say it, having been doing this job for over 30 years, you can believe it!”

Luca is not only a competent professional and a trusted collaborator; he is a key figure in the MPT tooling construction workshop. He has been working with us for over 3 decades; during this time he has not only been able to guarantee high quality standards thanks to his sensitivity and to his manual skills, but he also significantly contributed to the training of new generations in an open and constructive way.

Luca will soon retire and all his colleagues will miss him. But his teachings and his concrete and pragmatic approach will remain as consolidated standards of the MPT mold workshop. Because the value of a senior manager is to become a mentor, providing support and guidance to those who are less experienced to help them grow and develop in their skills. And Luca Quaglierini succeeded perfectly.

So THANK YOU Luca from all of us at MPT.


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