Gabriele Rossi

Gabriele Rossi

Workshop Manager

The Rule of 5
In 5 years, 5 new 5-axis machines. A step change that has enabled our tooling production workshop to achieve highly competitive standards and very ambitious goals.

  • Complex geometries management
  • Greater precision
  • Reduction in cycle times
  • Versatility

We talk about it with Gabriele Rossi, Workshop Manager at MPT Plastica since 2019.

“Not only state-of-the-art equipment but also a team of highly qualified designers and technicians working in synergy throughout all phases. This integrated approach to high-precision mold manufacturing is crucial in such an advanced and competitive market.”

Gabriele Rossi is a professional with significant experience in mold production acquired in the province of Milan, who, like any good coach, arrived with a clear project in mind to implement. MPT Plastica has invested in his pragmatic and functional organizational approach, supporting the evolution of this department with the introduction of broad-spectrum technological innovations:

  • Advanced machine tools for milling, turning, and other precision machining operations.
  • Specialized training on CAD/CAM software for all technical designers.
  • Constant updating with manufacturers of milling and shaping machines.
  • Integrated ERP systems to schedule and monitor production operations in real-time and meet delivery times and quality standards.

Thanks to these improvement initiatives, MPT Plastica’s mold workshop now employs a close-knit team of 24 people who are growing in terms of results and autonomy.

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