MPT Plastica visita Haitian macchinari per stampaggio a iniezione

MPT Plastica explores innovative solutions in China with Haitian

In recent days, our Molding Technicians Gabriele Taviani and Gianluca Taviani were invited by Haitian MM Italy to visit the Haitian Group facilities in Ningbo, China.

During this visit, we had the opportunity to closely observe the latest innovations in injection molding machinery designed to improve efficiency and precision in production processes. An experience that gave us an international and broad-spectrum vision of the evolution of the sector.

Implementing cutting-edge technologies like these will allow us to offer tangible added value to our customers by:

  • further optimizing the quality of our products
  • reducing production times
  • minimizing waste.

We thank Haitian MM Italy for this opportunity to deepen our technical skills and knowledge, which complements the company’s ongoing commitment to excellence and innovation to make a difference in the industry.

At MPT Plastica, the future is already underway. And innovation is always in progress.