We are capable of developing and producing plastic parts belonging to any type of industry

Starting with feasibility studies,design,technical aspects we can accompany our client through the making of his product, ensuring the highest quality.


To determine the distribution of the internal structures and movements and tensions,to calculate the deformation and the changes, the grade of resistance of the final part, we analyze the structure of the part in the development phase to solve beforehand the engineering problems of the tooling.

Design Department

"We focus entirely on the client needs and we can produce items in any lot, weight or dimension."Team

Mould Flow


Thanks to this software we can simulate and optimize the project development of the plastic parts and the tooling before the beginning of the production.

This allows us to decrease the amount of expensive physical prototypes necessary for the tool design of the plastic part and also to launch on the market innovative products in less time and with major guarantees of reliability.