The Project Development Department, a group of highly specialized technicians, have CAD two and three dimensional instruments, next to analysis software as Mould Flow,CAM etc. used to develop digital models that allow us to analyze the part and the process even before starting the tooling and before starting the production itself of the part.


of materials

We produce parts in traditional plastic material (polyproylene, polyethylene, nylon, abs) and in technopolymers.

The use of plastic material with constantly more sophisticated characteristics and the automation of our production processes, allows us to produce objects with excellent technical and functional characteristics, which comply to International regulations perfectly.

" Specialization and advanced technological solutions allows us to realize objects with excellent technical and functional characteristics"Stefano Taviani

Mould Flow


Thanks to this software we can simulate and optimize the project development of the plastic parts and the tooling before the beginning of the production

This allows us to decrease the amount of expensive physical prototypes necessary for the tool design of the plastic part and also to launch on the market innovative products in less time and with major guarantees of reliability.