Ducati Corse riconoscimento MPT Plastica Campioni 2023

Ducati Racing Champion 2023 with MPT Plastica

For us, too.

Ducati has always been synonymous with audacity, innovation and challenge. It is no coincidence that the color of the brand is red, like the passion that from the engine gears invades the soul of those who drive these masterpieces of speed and power, even outside the circuits.

Before being suppliers of technical components, we are fans of Ducati and we rejoiced in their success in the 2023 MotoGP and SBK Championship. Their racing philosophy and resilience in the face of unexpected events inspires us every day to always do better, to go beyond our limits.

Being consolidated partners of such a prestigious company as Ducati is a privilege that fills us with joy and gratitude. But it also reminds us that every victory is not the result of individual efforts, but rather the result of teamwork.

For this we thank all our collaborators who constantly work to ensure that each component is of the highest quality. This recognition is dedicated to them.