Moulding Innovation Day 2024

MPT Plastica at Moulding Innovation Day 2024

On June 20th, Emanuele Barsottini and Riccardo Monti, designers from the technical office of MPT Plastica, participated in the Moulding Innovation Day Italia 2024 organized by our new partner Moldex3D Italia.

This event was a valuable opportunity to delve into the latest innovations in injection molding simulation processes, marking another step forward in bridging simulated molding with real molding, ensuring ever more efficient and sustainable solutions for our customers.

The day was filled with presentations on new Moldex3D features and case studies presented by leading companies in the sector. We had the opportunity to engage with specialists in hot runners, molding presses such, mold accessories, and other mold makers, tackling together the challenges of sustainability, recycling, and the reduction of CO2 emissions.

Participation in educational and informative events like this is a fundamental aspect of our approach to codesign. We constantly invest in enhancing our design and analytical skills and adopting the most advanced technologies to improve the benefits for our customers.

Moldex3D, along with tools already established in our technical office such as MoldFlow and FEM, will allow us to perform even more detailed and advanced simulations of the injection molding process, including micro-molding and overmolding, additive manufacturing processes and micro-injection, and complex multiphysics analyses, increasingly required in applications for the electronics, automotive, and medical sectors.

A heartfelt thank you to Giorgio Nava, Founder and CEO of Moldex3D Italia, for the invitation and organization of such a productive day.

MPT Plastica is ready to support and encourage every opportunity for growth and collaboration to continue innovating and offering the best to our customers.