MPT gets even faster and more efficient

MPT becomes even faster and more efficient with GLOBAL LITE 12.22.10 PCD CAD from Hexagon AB METROLOGY S.P.A.


Thanks to this innovative and advanced optical coordinate measuring machine (CMM), we will be able to:

  • Increasing productivity 📶
  • Offer best just-in-time delivery programs ⏱️
  • Accelerate time to market 🔜
  • Reduce costs ⤵️

We have always invested in technological advancement, both software and hardware, to keep pace with the frenetic pace of the most demanding production environments such as the automotive and machinery sector and to comply with the most stringent standards of warranty and quality control.

Through this new generation of machinery, we increase our verification efficiency and provide maximum reliability for every order.

  • Dimensional verification with high resolution scale (0.039 μm);
  • Cost savings throughout the quality process – ECO MODE;
  • Certified and human error-proof quality;
  • Reduction of the risk of producing waste parts.

This is how we put MPTadvancingperformance  into practice