and Plastic injection molding for almost 50 years

MPT Plastica is a company that represents a fundamental reality in the tooling construction and plastic injection molding business for almost 50 years. MPT Plastica is synonymous for excellence and Italian spirit, and is a reference point for all companies in need of a reliable partner who manages each production phase with precision and on time- from project development to the making of the tool, all the way to the production of plastic parts for all kinds of uses.

Our history


1974First Warehouse

1981/1982Shoes andheels production

1987CNC machinesintroduction

1988CAM and CADwere introduced

1989Starts collaborationwith Piaggio

1990Creation of the firstInjection Moulding Department

1992Creation ofTechnical Department

1995Other two buildingwere opened

1998Production oftools for automotive

2002Beginning of the supplyto FIAT satellite companies

2007The hystorical maximum of 130employees is reached

2012Significant investmentin HI-TECH

2018injection mouldingdepartment extensionwith the introduction

of 6 presses with rangefrom 60 to 250 tons

from 2017 to 2021MPT opens to 2.0 Technology

The foundation and The 70's

Giovanni Meini, Silvano Bibbiani, Rodolfo Taviani and Nicola Pisciscelli founded our company in 1972, and after several years of collaboration they came together under the name of MPT. The idea came from the forward-looking mind of Giovanni Meini,the youngest among the fours,who convinced others to enter the manufacturing sector of moulds for the shoes industry. After years spent working in the garage of Bibbiani, in 1974 they opened the first factory, which was used both for the construction of tools and as a foundry.At that time, the process of creating the moulds was based on pure dexterity.The model maker created the wooden model, on which plaster was poured to create the mold where refractory earth was laid. At this point, the matrix and punch parts were obtained. On these two printing components the last casting of molten metal was carried out.

Second half of the 70's

In the second half of 70's we expanded by opening two other buldings nearby the first one in order to enlarge the tooling department and reduce the foundry at the same time. Our core business still remained the one regarding the moulds in the shoe industry, until its crisis in 1982, the year in which we suffered the first decrease in our history. The diversification implemented in previous years was crucial to remain solid at that time. As a matter of fact we became suppliers of plastic components for the motocycle industry. One of the major brands we collaborated with was Acerbis.

the 80's

Thanks to the collaboration with Acerbis, we held several contracts in the motorcycle industry, which led us to an important investment in technology, buying two plastic molding machines, used for both die testing and production in small quantities.Always with the aim of diversifying, in those years, we decided to start creating moulds to produce the heels for shoes.This type of processing required a very specific know-how so we hired qualified staff from Varese. We specialized in the production of moulds for the shoe industry because of the huge quantity of shoes factories in Valdera and its surroundings. The turning point that allowed us to move from the production of moulds to the creation of parts was the investment in numerically controlled machines in 1987. This choice came from the reflection of the management group on the fact that the market was in rapid change.After so many years in which it acted in the same way, it was going towards digitization and then the professional figures, especially at the beginning of the production process needed new skills and tools.

Second half of the 80's

In 1988 a large part of the foundry was reduced for two main reasons: it was less and less involved in the production process of moulds and it was often source of problems due to safety controls.In the same year the company began to work with one of the first CAD programs, which marked the turning point in the study of mould and finished parts. In 1989 Piaggio , aware of our know-how in the motorcycle field ,contacted us to start a collaboration. Our first supply for Piaggio was a mould to create pieces for the Ape Car. This professional partnership was fundamental for us since Piaggio directed us towards the production of plastic components so, after creating several moulds, we also started to provide them with the pieces directly.

The 90's

Thanks to the know-how learned from the collaboration with Piaggio we decided to open the first injection moulding department and a technical department. The investment in employees and resources was crucial to achieve the present skills and results. In particular the technical department acts as a support to tooling department and at that time allowed us to introduce new skills such as the realization of moulds at a three-dimensional level. In 1995 we decided to expand further by opening two other buildings including the current headquarter. In the second half of the decade, thanks to the high level of qualification reached by working for Piaggio, we started collaborating with major clients such as Peugeot, Ducati, Mv Augusta, Bimota. After the crisis in 2008, between 2010 and 2011 we decided to invest in advanced technological machinery and software which allowed us to estabilish among the most important European companies in tooling construction and plastic injection molding field.

From 2000 until today

In 1998 we started producing moulds for automotive and in the early 2000's we managed to penetrate in an even more decisive way in this field, arriving to produce parts and moulds for Fiat, Audi, Volkswagen, Rolls Royce, Volvo and Bentley. In 2007 we reached the hystorical maximum of 130 employees

We are capable of developing and producing plastic parts

belonging to any type of industry

We are capable of developing and producing plastic parts belonging to any type of industry or market. Starting with feasibility studies,design,technical aspects we can accompany our client through the making of his product, ensuring the highest quality.

Product Areas:


Motorcycle and
scooter components




Appliance components





Our Company

Our company

for almost 50 years

Our company was founded in the 70's and started building tools for the shoe industry; in 1979 already had 60 employees.Over the following decades, it expanded to other types of industries such as motorcycle and automotive, in which we reached a very high level of qualification by becoming a main supplier for major clients such as Piaggio,Ducati,Peugeot. Today the company counts over 100 employees and has invested in technologies and machinery and occupies an area over 15000sqmt.

"The evolution of the company comes
from its ability to cope with new challenges"
Silvano Bibbiani

Our Facilities

Siamo gli unici a gestire interamente tutte le fasi

We are the only ones to manage each production phase internally

1. Project development and Analysis

We have CAD ,two and three dimensional instruments, next to software as Mould Flow and CAM that allows us to perform in depth analysis

2. Tool

We are capable of developing and producing tools for the production of plastic parts belonging to any type of industry

3. Injection moulding

We produce parts in traditional plastic material (polyproylene, polyethylene, nylon, abs) and in technopolymers.

4. Assembly

Assembly, Pad printing, vibration and ultrasound welding.

5. Production process

We are tho only ones to manage the entire production phase

6. Just in time

Reduced delivery times and timely information on supply management.

and Stockkeeping

at the service to our client

The finished product is stocked and kept always in a covered area and managed by our logistics department according to the FIFO (First In First Out) system combining reliability, stock reduction and costumer lead time increasing the quality of the service to our client.

We have equipped ourselves with an advanced system for the management of warehouse, order and supply flows, which makes the entire logistics system fully functional, representing an added value of extraordinary importance in order to assure customers of increasingly reduced delivery time and timely and accurate information about supply management.

the environment

We recuperate the process scrap
to reinsert them in the production cycle

The constant evolution of the company in view of an eco-sustainable development is a priority and brings us to harmonize economy and ecology respecting environment and people.We use modern technology to work in this direction and favor us in reducing impact on the environment and at the same time containing in any case production costs by regenerating process scrap.
MPT Plastica belongs to the RIGEPLAST Consortium Project, which regenerates used plastomers for predetermined applications with added value



Here are some projects that we joined:

Project co-financed under Tuscany POR FESR 2014-2020

"MPT Investimenti, Acronym
(MPT Investimenti)"
"Aid aimed at containing and combating the epidemiological emergency COVID-19"
"Investment Fund Tuscany - investment aid"
The plant consists of a mezzanine for hoppers, centralized dehumidification system GMP150, sorting system for material to be dehumidified with 22 presses, feeding of dehumidification hoppers, feeding of transport system for 22 presses, Winfactory 4.0 supervisor