Tooling for a perfect (sanitary) service

Lavatories are a delicate subject. But chemical bathrooms and mobile toilets must ensure: quick assembly, structural solidity, reduced dimensions of transport.

In addition to being:

  • Functional, safe and aesthetically cared for
  • Resistant to use and weather
  • Easy to clean

Armal, world leader in the creation and distribution of innovative protable sanitary products (part of YLDA Group S.p.A.), is well aware of this and has turned to MPT Plastic to optimize the design of the components and the construction of the relative moulds.

MPT Plastica codesign e progettazione stampi per Armal


Armal turned to MPT to have molds able to achieve higher performance than those used previously (produced by other suppliers) and avoid the risk of production blocks.

But let’s start from the beginning.

Armal has been manufacturing its own components for over 20 years and is also able to supply 220 mobile bathrooms per day. Its injection moulding department is equipped with numerous high-tonnage presses (3000-4000 t) which guarantee such volumes. However, in order to meet delivery times and ensure products at the brand level, it is essential that moulds work perfectly and smoothly.

In one of the more recent projects, MPT has developed and built the new platform of a mobile bathroom model that presented the following highlights:

  • Meet the UNI16194 standard
  • Attention to aesthetic design
  • Use of smooth surface to avoid accumulation of dirt
  • Withstand an average life of 5 to 7 years.
MPT Plastica codesign e progettazione stampi per Armal


Based on the mathematicians provided by the company, MPT performed a work of optimization of the models, increasing some thicknesses where it was necessary to have a good filling, eliminating unnecessary ribs, adding others in new points, giving more effort and so on.

MPT collaborated in the engineering of the whole so that the various components would assemble with precision and the final structure was solid, ergonomic and functional.

MPT Plastica codesign e progettazione stampi per Armal

In particular, we did extensive work on the Moldflow analysis of part molding to provide a design and molds that produced efficient parts without problems.

To guarantee the results, before delivering the moulds we tested them internally: the moulds were… ‘good at first’!


The platform based on the mobile bath had a size of 1,065 x 1,065 x 144 mm and weight of 9 kg which required a steel mold of 1,600 x 1,750 x 1,180 mm and a weight of 15,000 kg.

The piece included several holes used to attach the walls of the bathroom, so a series of movements were inserted in the mold that facilitated the extraction.

MPT Plastica codesign e progettazione stampi per Armal


Over the years, Armal has repeatedly turned to MPT to redesign, engineer and build moulds for the optimization of various components: the tank cover, the washing nozzle, the replacement of any plastic materials, support in vibration welding and two-component printing.

On balance, the customer preferes to spend a little more by turning to MPT for quality equipment that allowed him to save in the production phase:

  • Reduction of time to marked
  • Reduction of defects
  • Increase capacity of the mold.

If this case study was interesting and useful for you and your company, contact our experts and get to know us better.