PARTNER WITH 3 WHEELS… and with an extra gear!

More than 10 years later, the METROPOLIS project commissioned by Peugeot remains one of the most challenging (and successful) experiences in the baggage of expertise of MPT Plastic.

  • About 80 moulds
  • 10 different types of materials
  • Design and delivery of equipment in 4 months
  • Put into production in 4 months
  • Lots of 7-8,000 pieces each
  • International logistic (France)

The critical issues were not lacking on such a demanding order, but thanks to a concrete problem-solving approach and consolidated know-how in the automotive sector, we were able to meet all the deadlines for the launch of the new vehicle on the market.

Discover all the details of this case history in the following article.

MPT Plastica portfolio progetti Metropolis Peugeot


When Peugeot turned to MPT Plastic to manufacture the plastic components of the Metrolpolis motorcycle, from the very beginning we had a heavy legacy: the previous supplier had faild to meet the numerous and complex customer requirement, partly consuming the useful time for product development, design and production.

Despite the sword of Damocles hanging over the Company, from the beginning we put in place a mix of key figures who should have collaborated synergistically to transform the initial sketches in finished and painted plastic equipment and components: Responsible for he mould technical office, the mould workshop manager, the mould production manager and the program manager.

The MPT Plastic team of professionals managed in just 2 meetings with the design studio selected by Peugeot to effectively solve all the critical points of the design and industrialization of the pieces and quickly arrive at the definition of mathematicians.

Only thanks to an in-depth mold flow analysis and careful programming – which gave priority to the most complex moulds (dimension, surface finish, kinematichs, etc.) – in just 4 months, from January to May 2012, all the equipment left our workshop to go to the testing phase and move on to the production of the first series. Just in time to present Metropolis at EICMA in October, as requested by the customer.

MPT Plastica portfolio progetti Metropolis Peugeot


One of the components that required the greatest effort in the design and construction of the moulds was the passenger handle. This piece was previously made of aluminum, however the use of polyamide 6 loaded with 30% glass fiber and the technology of gas-assisted injection molding allowed to obtain structural details but lighter.

The drawback is related to the subsequent painting phase. The gas emptying process and the additive polymer composition could determine surface imperfections highlighted by the painting. In order to obtain perfectly smooth surfaces, we have therefore made appropriate adjustments to the moulds and have intervened on some stamping parameters.

All the tests had gone according to the plans and specifications of the project, the worst seemed over, when the customer from France reports defective parts that did not result from our pre-shipment quality checks. Analyzing backwards all the steps emerged that during the transport the pieces rubbed on the packaging cardboard and ruined. So we designed an ad hoc packaging to protect the painted surface finish from damage and in late June we were ready to start production.

MPT Plastica portfolio progetti Metropolis Peugeot


You have to be able to get out of your comfort zone and think outside the box. As in the case of the PP helmet compartment that required the use of steel molds longer than 1 m with the movements and the exhaust cover grilles that were supplied already assembled and painted.

This project has demonstrated to Peugeot, and to MPT Plastic itself, the great potential of the company as a partner in complex contracts with a high level of performance.

MPT Plastica portfolio progetti Metropolis Peugeot