Should I make a mould for small quantities?

At first glance, some Project Managers and Responsible for the purchases would be tempted to answer quickly “no”: the fixed cost risk to be too high, making to increase the unit price of the finished piece.

But what if the quality of the component had a higher priority than the cost of production?

Then the answer changes, And it opens up a world of possibilities to design and develop together in a process of sharing and codesign that leads to innovative and ingenious solutions with cost-effective and profitable results in the medium to long term.

And this is where you recognize a business partner from a simple supplier: in the flexibility and dynamism of going beyond the obvious solution.


Take the case of C-thrue developed by IDS GeoRadar (Hexagon AB group) for which MPT has designed the housing and handle of the electronic components.

MPT Plastica portfolio progetti C-thrue sviluppato da IDS GeoRadar

C-thrue is an all-in one Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) designed for accurate scanning and real-time analysis of concrete structures. It allows to identify voids, post- and pre-tensioning cables, cavities, pipes and any other object inside the masonry before cutting or drilling the concrete.

C-thrue is slid over surfaces to scan. The product design and is plastic components had therefore to take into account some fundamentak requirements:

  • have an ergonomic handle;
  • be manageable;
  • be as light as possible, but also robust and impact resistant;
  • have an aesthetically pleasing design, like a kind of mini vehiclce.

IDS georadar, which had only an input on the design style and the dimension of the internal components, relied on MPT for an important co-design work during all phase of design and production.

  1. We have suggested the most suitable materials to meet the required requirements.
  2. We modified the mathematics to make the object injection moldable.
  3. We have optimized the molds needed to reduce costs.


With regard to the two half-shells, the MPT technicians suggested using a polyamide 6 50% filled with fibregalss, because the high thicknesses and the presence of reinforcing ribs required a techno polymer able to prevent various collapses, also highlighted by Mold flow analysis.

MPT Plastica portfolio progetti C-thrue sviluppato da IDS GeoRadar

The handle was co-printed with rubber coated polypropylene structure, as well as the wheels needed to slide the scanner onto the wall, also i PP with a rubber co-printed coating.

The printed piece was printed with the brand’s pad printing.

Overall, we designed and built in our workshop 7 moulds:

  • 2 for handle,
  • 2 for upper and lower half-shells,
  • 2 for the wheels
  • 1 for a small closure cap.
disegno tecnico progetto c-thure

Because the customer had asked us to contain the price of the equipment, instead of inserting carts, sabres etc. We have simplified the moulds, then carried out some complementary processes on the moulded parts.


“The customer come up with an idea and come out with a finished piece.”

MPT addresses each challenge by upgrading its resources to extend its problem-solving capabilities to a wider spectrum of applications.

A concrete example of this is the business evolution plan in Industry 4.0 that has seen the optimization of data collection in all departments and the start oh the digitization of the entire company in order to manage production in real time, improve production efficiency and share information across all MPT departments.

If this case study was interesting and useful for you and your company, contact our experts and get to know us better..