MPT Plastic develops and manufactures numerous plastic components for WIVActive technology, a device that combines the lighting function with that of air sanitizin with quality certified by visible LED light.

The collaboration with Wiva Group started due to geographical proximity but as consolidate for reliability and cooperative approach that translates into the 360° support.

  • Codesign
  • Choice of materials
  • Engineering
  • Assembly of parts
  • Accessibility of the system
  • Production
portfolio progetti MPT Plastica WIVActive


WIVActive integrates in a single product an effective lighting fixture with an air sanitization system, which operates continuously 24 hours a day.

“At the heart of the WIVActive sanitizing technology is the gearbox filter system, a WIVA Group’s patent that through a calibrated visible spectrum light charmer allows to activate the individual filtering elements and the photocatalytic process.”

– explains Gianni Bartolini, Chief Technical Officer of WIVA Group.


portfolio progetti MPT Plastica WIVActive

WIVActive filter are not based on an absorption process, as is the case in purification system or air conditioner where dust and substances remain trapped, at the risk of returning to the environment if the filter is saturated or in any case during disposal, but on photo-oxidation processes that destroy air pollutants, including formaldehyde and nitrogen oxides, but also and especially bacteria and viruses.


Plastic has a strategic multi-level role in the correct functioning of the WIVActive system, the practicality of its management and, last but not least, the aesthetic result of the product.

The illuminating panel consist of a screen and a Light Guide Plate made of PMMA that do not degrade the quality of the light emitted and do not turn yellow over time, a microprism screen that reduces luminance and ensures an UGR<19 suitable in working eviroments, and a structure in ABS certified UL94-HB white (RAL9016). Inside, the gearboxes are also made with RAL9016 PP structure.

portfolio progetti MPT Plastica WIVActive

For the structure of the gearbox, after evaluations and tests on various polymers, we suggested the use of PP, which combines lightness, strength, dimensional stability and resistance to chemical reactions.

portfolio progetti MPT Plastica WIVActive

Thanks to a sophisticated transparent PC coupling mechanism, the tilting panel allows easy access inside the appliance to remove the pre-filter dust that must be regenerated once a year. Also, for the 3 internal filters of the gearbox we studied snap-on system that facilitates the assembly.

Equally significant was the work related to the external chassis, the methacrylate screens, the behind ribs, not visible, which ensures the flatness and the PP brackets placed in the back to support the 4 kg of the device and fix it to the ceiling.

portfolio progetti MPT Plastica WIVActive


Between the external structure in ABS and the central panel in PMMA there is a groove for the recirculation of air from which a calibrated light blade filters.

From the point of view of industrialization, the creation of this gorge was far from simple. If the dimension of the entire ABS panel (60 x 60 cm) have involved a careful study to avoid deformation, even more this threat has required special design and molding.

During the design of the moulds, we carried out 6 Moldflow analyses, until we found the right configuration to build the hot chamber.

portfolio progetti MPT Plastica WIVActive

Moreover, for the construction of the equipment we have adopted special steels, inserting shaped cooling, made with additive technologies, along the perimeter of the piece. This has allowed us to guarantee an optimal moling result.


Customers are looking for reliable partners who can solve problems and problems with effective solutions.

The Wivactive project involved a rigorous study of the dimensions, tolerances and careful design and construction of the molds used to produce them.

portfolio progetti MPT Plastica WIVActive