Like a technological goose that lays golden eggs, MPT Plastica has supported SoldiDesign in the production of LOVINO, an original furnishing accessory designed for the office and home.

A new project for the design sector which has seen us engaged on multiple fronts in the go-to-market of the product:

  • Codesign
  • Structural analyses
  • Mold design and manufacturing
  • Printing

And a new challenge won thanks to the synergy of our internal departments and MPT’s Formula1Partner which allows us to manage and control the entire development path to maximize the efficiency and quality of the final product.

MPT Plastica case study Lovino SoldiDesign


LOVINO is a desk organiser, object holder, pocket emptier and jewelery box inspired by Ovetto, Soldidesign’s best-selling product for separate waste collection. LOVINO recalls the ancient Persian, Roman and medieval traditions which saw the egg as the metaphor of everything, ideal to give as a sign of good luck.

Being a free-standing, elegant and premium design object, the customer needed the finished product to be:

  • Smooth and pleasant to the touch
  • Polished and free of paint
  • Functional and practical to open and close
  • Resistant and very stable
  • Ecological

LOVINO, however, was still just an original idea translated into a 3D model. So MPT Plastica’s technical office performed an accurate MoldFlow analysis to optimize the mathematics of the product and make it suitable for the large-scale injection molding process.

Once the geometries of the individual pieces had been defined for a perfect coupling of the semi-parts, a single mold was designed and built for all the components which would then be assembled manually by the customer.

For the creation of LOVINO it was chosen to use ABS in various colors with percentages of recycled material, for its impact resistance and toughness properties.

MPT Plastica case study Lovino SoldiDesign


The external surface of LOVINO has a shiny and smooth texture and the customer had requested to make the product in different colors (white and red) without the need for painting.

To satisfy this need for aesthetic performance, our tooling construction workshop has carried out an accurate mirror polishing procedure of the matrix. Thanks to the latest generation EDM (sinking and wire electroerosion) machinery and the skills of our expert staff, we were able to create the tools and manufacture injection molding within the required times and costs.

MPT Plastica case study Lovino SoldiDesign
MPT Plastica case study Lovino SoldiDesign


The essential is invisible to the eyes… but not to our designers!

Even the best idea can be perfected if you collaborate with the customer with the common goal of creating high-quality products.

This philosophy is what we call #MPTadvancingperformance and which distinguishes us in all sectors of use.