The challenge of an ultra-light and recyclable pallet truck by Lifter

The Lifter team, a Pramac group company specialized in handling systems that produces innovative and cutting-edge electric pallet trucks, has relied on MPT Plastica to create a pallet truck with a structure entirely made of polymeric materials.

From this partnership, which finds its trait d’union in the automotive sector, was born an innovative product in many respects capable of combining high technical and aesthetic performance with an important imprint of environmental sustainability.

Pramac I-TON model S4 manual pallet truck with 4 rollers, 1000KG capacity.

Find out how Formula1Partner helped us follow the project from idea to finished piece, to obtain a light, precise vehicle with great ease of manoeuvre, ideal for any operator.

  • Codesign on the product
  • mold design and construction
  • consultancy on materials and technologies
  • molding
  • assembly of the finished piece.
Transpallet Lifter by Pramac leggero e riciclabile

Strength and lightness together

When Lifter approached us, the new pallet truck was little more than an idea. The company had already carried out some market surveys and feasibility analyzes but now had to face the most difficult challenge: creating the forks and base part.

It is a piece measuring approximately 1.5 meters in length and 70 cm in height which is called upon to lift up to 1000 kg. Lifter asked us to obtain this piece guaranteeing the necessary characteristics of functionality and reliability without exceeding the established economic target.

Initially we thought of using polypropylene filled with 35% glass fibre, but the preliminary FEM analyzes carried out by our Technical Office highlighted that the mechanical characteristics of the material would not be sufficient for the product’s use needs. So we opted for a more performing solution, the PA+ GF50%, which still allowed us to respect the cost objectives defined by the customer.

Through calculations and experimental tests, Lifter verified that the piece, equipped with the necessary reinforcement ribs placed in the appropriate points, was capable of lifting 1000 kg without bending or suffering deterioration. Subsequently, through MoldFlow analysis our Technical Office evaluated the behavior of the material. The result was a component 4-5 mm thick, completely made of plastic, which integrates forks and base in a single piece with a total weight of just 12 kg.

Watch out for costs

Since it is a monobloc piece, the component is produced from a mold of significant dimensions: designed and built in-house, the equipment is approximately 2 meters long. During the development phase we worked a lot on MoldFlow analyzes to identify the most valid injection solution. We came to adopt a 5-point hot runner with sequential nozzles because it provided the best results in terms of material behavior, joint zones, coldest points and so on.

In addition to the upright with forks, we created the wheels, the shoes, the rocker, i.e. the element that allows the rear wheel to steer, and an aesthetic cover that closes the frame of the pallet truck.

The body is composed of black and green tones which recall Lifter’s corporate colors and has a slightly embossed surface finish: a fair compromise between the need to hide the presence of glass fiber and the need to provide the piece with cleaning characteristics and hygiene required of a machine also intended for the food and pharmaceutical industries.

Transpallet Lifter by Pramac leggero e riciclabile


Overall, the new Lifter pallet truck is much lighter and easier to handle than conventional metal trolleys, guaranteeing resistance and durability.

The eco-compatibility aspect is an increasingly central factor in the design of technical components: attention to the end of life becomes crucial and it is important to suggest materials that can be easily recycled and regenerated.

The effective collaboration that has been established with the customer and the synergy of our departments (design office, mold workshop, molding, assembly and finishing department) have proven to be the key to providing a complete product, optimized in every aspect of its development.